The idea of a photo shoot is scary and daunting to some and I don’t blame you. I don’t even like being in front of the camera, which is why I prefer to stay firmly behind it-ha! Here are 5 tips in which to help guide you through a photo shoot and have a more pleasurable experience.


1. Deep Breaths:

Before you get out of your car, take a moment to yourself. Sometimes (most of the time for me and a lot of folks) its challenging to take a moment for ourselves out of our busy schedule to just breathe and clear our minds (or just stop listening to the ‘monkey mind’) and just BE for a moment. So take a few deep breaths and focus on what the new and fun experience that you’re about to have. Keep it simple.


2. Prepare with your photographer ahead of time:

Do you have questions, concerns, think you have chubby arms or wonder about that piece of skin that you don’t like? Just write, call, text and we can discuss what bothers you. Its all about communication, and being transparent. Maybe your photographer doesn’t believe in Photoshop (I don’t know who that might be, but maybe they’re out there) and you have a problem area. It will be better to get it out and hopefully find solutions to the questions in your head so you can come to the studio or the set and be open.


3. EAT! yes. I said it:

Photo shoots can sometimes take a while, from the time you get into the makeup and hair chair, it could be a 1.5 to 2 hours wait until the shutter starts flashing and having low energy or low blood sugar isn’t fun. I provide snacks, (maybe even a cheese plate if that’s your thing) and water and even adults spirits if a case of the jitters rears its ugly head. Who doesn’t love snacks?!


4. Skin and hair prep:

Need a haircut? Have a shoot next week? Then get that taken care of as soon as possible so that you’re hair can have a week or two to calm down from the shock of getting cut. I swear I’m not (that) crazy when I type that. Anything like hair bleaching, hair cuts should be done a week before, lotion and oils can be the day of, and giving yourself that facial the night before or day of is recommended. Take the time to make it an at home night spa if need be. Do all that you can to give yourself more reason to love the images. A fresh glowing face is far better than what any makeup can do.


5. Be grateful and let go:

Sometimes a shift in attitude is all one needs to bring on the serotonin and let the love shine through. A picture is taken not just of the persons exterior, there’s so much more to it, I photograph the light from within and that spirit is what I want to see shine through. When a person enters the studio and takes a seat in front of me coming from a place of gratitude there is a paradigm shift that shows in the image. Be your awesome self, and be grateful for whats to come and just let go, let the photographer explore and get creative.


Follow these tips, keep an eye out on this blog for more info and lets make some magic!