Head shots and branding are two words that can mean a similar same thing but yet, can be considered two very different things. Like Whisky and bourbon, similar but different.

Everyone needs a head shot, whether it be for your personal branding, professional branding, social or even your dating sites. There’s lots of reasons why a professional photograph of yourself is more appealing than that of a selfie or a group picture if you looking good by the pool.

A nice photo of yourself sends a positive foot forward into the universe of visual communication. I know most people will think “why do I need something like that”, and I would say to that, that’s the difference between someone putting forth the minimum energy towards their professional LinkedIn account or someone who goes the extra mile. I think it says a lot about how serious someone takes their social character.

Here’s some examples of head shots I did for my husband this weekend. Having a studio in the home makes it super convenient to just go in while in pajamas and get to work trying out a new lighting scheme.



Have a great week everybody!